Play and Donate, all at once


The Starting Point

Gamindo is the first platform where people can convert time spent playing video games into donations to non profit organizations.

It’s more than just a gaming platform: it’s a creative way to save the world. This must be noticed from second one.

The Idea

Play and Donate: two different worlds that have to merge into one. A joystick represents the gaming part, a big heart redirects us all to charity. These two different aspects become one thing in Gamindo’s logo.

We’ve designed a brand identity built around a custom logo and bold colours in which the remarkable gaming spirit is highlighted in a cohesive visual language. Closely working as a team with Gamindo’s leadership, we started the visual identity work with an intense research of brand metaphors. As we say, the devil is in the details. To get the right feeling of a visual brand identity, even the roundness of corners matters. Sometimes, that leads to a design challenge, and this was our case. The new mark was designed to work seamlessly across all digital platforms and connected devices.

The entire identity is built using the core elements found in the logo: geometry and colours.

A new set of graphic tools have been developed to help Gamindo communicate effectively on all media. The tools consist of a distinctive colour palette, a new typographic system, and pure graphic shapes with parameters that enable the creation of an endless series of varied graphic patterns.