232aps chose Odd Socks Studio to support its outskirt youth relaunch project through Rap music.

Big cities – Milan above all – often offer endless socioeconomic growth opportunities. On the other side, peripheries are more often than not demoted environments, neglected by institutions, where life is a constant challenge.
In these hoods, young people see their potential being often wasted in an alienating context where there is no chance for them to neither express themselves nor improve their condition.
Music becomes the key to open the doors on better life prospects in those areas that have been forgotten or abandoned by the institutions.
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This is where the project Inside the Beat, Outside the Box, was born: a crowdfunding campaign launched on the produzionidalbasso.com platform together with Milan’s municipality.

The main goal is to support 232aps through its mission to raise the ambitious amount of € 30.000.
The scheduled events (4 workshops, 4 itinerant stages, and final event) aim at enhancing Milan’s outskirts, with particular attention to the Gratosoglio and Stadera neighbourhoods.
The campaign will roll from January until March 2021. Once the first € 12.000 will have been raised, Milan’s municipality will contribute to the fundraiser with the remaining € 18.000.