Xhuljano Malaj

Tomboyish: the genderless evolution


The Starting Point

“Tomboyish” is the 2019 fashion collection of Xhuljano Malaj. The term means “a woman who is comfortable in male clothes, who fully embraces her feminility”.

The collection merges the two genders and aspires to the construction, the interpretation, and redefinition of silhouette. It refers to everybody by not creating further differences, but by allowing for a sense of equity and satisfaction. 

The Idea

90 years after Marlene Dietrich, a strong independent woman, founder of the male fashion line for women, Xhuljano interprets the jacket in a romantic way by taking inspiration from the male world.

We have designed a photographic style that aimed at transmitting such idea of freedom, inclusion and research of equality, that invitation to be free and be whoever you are.

The entire photo collection wanted to simulate an ecstatic environment, where men and women meet as their differences suddenly fade.

Stylist: Letizia Pierini.
Make-up Artist: Martina Perticarà.