Samuel Bietenhader

Private and public struggle


The Starting Point

In a world that moves faster and faster, leaving you less and less time to cultivate your person, the complex relationship between the private version of yourself and the public one is fading.

The Idea

Can the never-ending construction of oneself become an evil trap? Our answer is yes. Sometimes you create a personal “public version” which you are ashamed of when you go back to your private sphere.

We’ve designed a photographic approach built to highlight the tough relationship between public and private, with the aim of representing the sense of discomfort and disgust that individuals sometimes feel when thinking about the way they feel forced to appear to others.

The strong emotional bond that has been created with the face of these shots convinced us to give the project the name of the person portrayed who helped and collaborated with us, Samuel Bietenhader.

Clothes: Giorgia Gueli.