Television meets new screens


Starting Point

Rete8 is the main broadcaster in Abruzzo, a point of reference for local information and entertainment, it counts over 120.000 daily viewers.

Nowadays, thanks the spread of smartphones and computers, the screens in our lives have multiplied: our attention is diluted and television cannot afford to ignore the digital realm.


Information can and must be democratic through the use of any necessary means to reach as many people as possible. Local information must follow suit.

“Wherever you want, whenever you want”: this is the opportunity that Rete8 didn’t miss on.

We re-designed the logo and a coordinated image of the brand by merging the modernity Rete8 aspires to with its consolidated heritage.

We also developed a new digital communication strategy making Social Media a key touch point alongside television broadcasting; we diversified the roles making each side support the other.