Officine Riunite

Relive the iconic “Milano da bere”


The Starting Point

Officine Riunite consists of a place located in an old Milanese court and a dehors with a view on a historical garage (in Italian, “officina”) where everything was born. It’s a place where time stops and the well-known “Milano da bere” rises.

People can relive the same atmoshphere only through their online presence.

The Idea

Taking back people to the 80s, to that positive vision of an emerging, fast-paced Milan, with its widespread well-being and its strong “fashion” aptitude.

We developed an ad-hoc photographic style with a retro approach, with the aim of recreating the allure that Milan’s previous generation experienced.

The entire photographic shooting has been thought both for Social Media platforms and the website.

Project in collaboration with Mentha Communication.