Vintage photography made contemporary 


The Starting Point

Nhola is a brand that produces pinhole cameras, the most ancient version of contemporary cameras. They are handcrafted in Italy, created with sustainable and recycled materials, one by one.

The brand is operating in a very niche sector, where the competitors are just talking to professional photographers in a very formal way only.

The Idea

At a time driven by technology and automatisms, when a simple touch on a screen is enough to create an image, Nhola brings people to rediscover what used to matter in old-time photography: slowness. Everything about Nhola – from the colourful product to its communication – wants to get people’s attention, driving them to discover the other side of photography.

Nhola. Shaping Design.

We started from very primitive product and identity concepts, then developed into a new Brand Strategy with a distintive positioning.

Thus we created the Brand Identity (logo, brand book manual, animations) and Illustrations for the Social Media channels.