Le Dune

Waterfront Well*being


Starting Point

Le Dune is a luxury residential real estate project located in Silvi Marina, Abruzzo. Its 90.000 square meters make it one of the biggest residences in Italy.

The project was born out of the necessity to integrate both physical and psychological self-care into day to day life, thanks to the presence of the sea and the high number of services and amenities available.


We live desiring a life that is different from our own, but we feel unable to truly go after it.

Living on the waterfront is often a forbidden dream. Le Dune offers the possibility to realise such dream: a life of safety and well-being.

A different life, which we made real.
This is Le Dune – Waterfront Well-being.

After having identified the distinctive traits of the project, we distilled them all into a recognisable Brand Identity which is able to perfectly represent Le Dune’s philosophy, but to also live on all physical and digital communication platforms.

Project in collaboration with Berkshire Hathaway Inc.