Il mio Sud

50 years ago. Today. Italy


The Starting Point

In Southern Italy, villages live on their own rules. On one side the time seems to have stopped some decades ago, on the other side it’s like hearts beat at double their normal speed.

Globalisation touched almost everything. Only a bunch of rare places seem not to have been affected.

The Idea

The roots of people born in the South of Italy are so deep that they have a strong sense of belonging and a bond with the land that lasts their entire life. Photos are a portrait which is able to merge the present with the past memories of our experience.

We create a relationship with a person living in the territory, who became our personal curator. He brought us to the places that shape the life of the village: streets, processions, small shops like the butcher and the greengrocer. This gave us the possibility to chat and create a connection with every person represented: the real key factor in this project.

The entire project is made of portraits that give value to both the human side and the influence of the surrounding places.

Photos have been shot over 10 years and represent the people in the exact place in which we met them. They are spontaneous, they refer to the individual’s everyday life: somebody is working, others are chatting or playing cards at the bar. The photography is not about the single person portrayed, but about the entire village.