Bringing back the real meaning of “Design”


The Starting Point

DesignWanted is an online media project that talks about design around the world, by continuously looking for the most exciting architectures, products, and interiors.

In the media sector, competition has become extremely tough. Being the best at scouting whatever novelty design has to offer is no longer enough to stand out.

The Idea

Nowadays, the word “Design“ is emptied of its meaning and perceived by most people as an “aesthetics only” field. DesignWanted aims to bring back the truest meaning of design: an approach to this world that can improve everyone’s everyday life.

DesignWanted. Stories by design.

We renewed DesignWanted’s communication strategy, by finding a more specific positioning and organising a brand new Social Media Content Strategy on every platform.

We merged the insider point of view brought by DesignWanted with the authentic research of the Stories hidden behind the aesthetical part of design.