Inside the beat, Outside the box

Starting Point

What if music could save the world?

232aps is an organisation of psychologists and educators who have had the courage to answer this question. By using rap music, creative writing, and theatre as educational tools, they put the future of young people back into their hands.


The whole campaign revolves around music. Young people living in the outskirts have a lot to say but few means to get their voices heard: rap music can become an empowering tool.

Chasing an objective and dedicating oneself to it with passion and humility, or better: being “inside the beat”. This is what helped a lot of young people to get out of the box that keeps them captives and create a life worthy of their dreams.

Inside the beat, Outside the box is the crowdfunding campaign we created for 232aps for whom we curated all communication aspects. A bet worth €12.000 and 8 weeks of work.
Shining the lights on the kids living in Milan’s outskirts and showing the power of their stories was our main strategy, supported by a video hero and a dedicated social media campaign.

The initiative reached the Italian hip-hop industry that reacted with enthusiasm: Jack the Smoker, Fabri Fibra, Massimo Pericolo, Ernia, and Ghali are only a few of the artists who contributed to the success of the campaign.


We reached and exceeded the objective one week in advance, unlocking the €18.000 contribution promised by Milan City Hall. We demonstrated that, even if music won’t save the world, it can surely change it for the better.